Amy is an Australian artist based in Paris.  Her work is concerned with the humanity that lies behind movement and drama, and where the comedy can exist within the two.

Amy prefers to move through performance genres and to challenge what is seen as difficult or uncomfortable.  With an ongoing understanding of dance, theatre and clown, Amy presents her work with portraiture both still and moving.

Amy works mainly from her Paris studio, though often tours the continent as well as North America; her  portraits have been published by The Guardian, Forbes, Viz Kultura and Bloomsbury Press and work has also been exhibited at Loo and Lou Gallery, George V Space in Paris.

Amy's surreal micro film, L'ÉCHARDE, made the official selection of the Paris Short Film Festival.



"She is at once a painter, director, and choreographer of her photographic subject, 
but also an architect of that subject’s stage."

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